Packaging & Shipping


We have the experience and the capabilities to load and arrange freight for:

  • Overseas containers: 20’ STD, 40’ STD, 40’ HC
  • Intermodel vans: 44’ - 53’
  • Flat deck: Super B-Trains (Maxi’s)

Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd. has been exporting product for over 10 years. We can arrange the container drayage to and from the dock, on site container loading, and we can quote CIF to most worldwide destinations. Our export experience has been into the UK, Japan, Spain, Germany, Korea, and China.


Our tally tickets:

A tally tag is a piece of water proof paper with an assigned number and a description of the product. We use these custom tally tickets to identify each load when shipping and for inventory control.

Each tally tag has an assigned number. Three copies of this number are attached to each lift for easy identification. Our custom tally tag will contain the appropriate product specifications.

An example of appropriate product specifications per tally tag:

Thickness, Width, Length, Species, Grade, Milling, State, Date and piece count of each product.

UPC tags and I2of 5’s :

Customized I2 of 5’s, UPC tags (bar codes), or standard labels can be printed on site and attached for an extra fee.