At, we recommend WRC as your #1 choice for outdoor use. WRC’s natural, protective resins mean there are no chemicals to leach into the soil. Our manufacturing diversity also allows us to offer untreated S-P-F and CCA treated lath. These are not as long lasting as WRC, but still available in many sizes.


WRC - Our premium line. Elegant, lasting beauty with natural resistance to weather, rot and insects.
CCA - CCA pressure-treated Spruce-Pine-Fir. Your low cost, functional alternative.
SPF - Untreated Spruce- Pine-Fir, ready for painting or treating.
At PWWW, we restrict our quality to two superior grades:
• Clear (no knots) and
• STK (sound tight knots).
(Note: There is no prior selection for clear. We do not pull our clear from the STK grade.)
We’ve been making lattice for over 20 years. You can see for yourself that our lath quality is among the best in the world.
Our most popular thicknesses:

a) Standard 7/32"-6mm
b) 5/16"-9mm (minimum order)
c) Jumbo 7/16"
d) 3/4"-18mm (special order)
a) 7/32-6mm
STD - Standard
b) 5/16-9mm
(Minimum Order)
c) 7/16-12mm
Jumbo - Jumbo
d) 3/4-18mm
Special Order-
Phone for more information
A few years ago we introduced our innovative Alumiglue system featuring waterproof glue at every intersection and toe-nailed aluminum staples that only show on the front face. It’s safer, looks better and it’s much stronger. Our Alumiglue lattice can handle the handling with drastically reduced breakage, and no problems with staple staining.

Our choices allow you to select the style and degree of privacy right for your applications.
(Note: dimensions listed are between laths, not centre to centre.)

Panel dimensions are really only restricted by your imagination. From the North American standard of 4’ x 8’, to custom 1’ x 3’, or... whatever! We can do it all.

a) 1'x2' Sandwich Style
Save time and money. They're preassembled & ready to take home. You don’t even need a nail gun.
b) 2” x 2” Frames
CLR cedar frame - lattice just slips into the groove. It’s the strong, sturdy, superior alternative. More attractive, higher quality, and less susceptible to warping.
Laminated Frames: Laminated cedar-more possibilities, and you don’t have to think along straight lines. We do laminates with curves, and can create ready-to-use panels in various designs.

Caps (frame) & Divider (joiner) If our standard size panels work for you, that’s great. If not, use our Caps and Dividers system. It’s the easiest way to join two pieces of lattice together, it’s stronger, and can be a real
time saver. (Plus, you’re not shipping air.)

They’re available in many lengths, and also available with mitred ends, double end trimmed or as accurate as precision end trimmed. We carry three standard groove sizes, but tell us what you need. We can manufacture to your personal application!

  • We specialize in premium WRC
  • We offer lots of choices, plus unlimited custom possibilities
  • We’re experienced; we’ve been making lattice for over 20 years
  • We have our innovative Alumiglue system for superior lattice
  • We utilize a comprehensive 6-step quality control system
  • We use superior materials, and superior manufacturing methods
  • We use cardboard corners under strapping to protect your order
  • We bar code each individual sheet by customer request
  • We mark every lift in three places with unique tags for easy identification (helps with inventory control, shipping and delivery)
  • We put custom bags over our lattice lifts to provide protection from weather and damage